Get Paid to Take Classes at

The Pilates Room


You are going to workout anyway, Why not bank some cash for your efforts. Seriously! The Pilates Room has partnered with Krowdfit to reward you for what you were already going to do (or what you should be doing ;-) anyway.

  1. Register for a Pilates Room Membership and let us know you'd like to participate in Krowdfit. Then, sign-up for a free Krowdfit account at using the email address we have on file for you. You'll be automatically added to the Ithaca Pilates Room Krew. 

  2. Earn cash drawing entries for 

    1. Logging Meals

    2. Logging Exercise

    3. Logging Steps

    4. Getting 6hrs+ of Sleep/night

  3. The longer you are a member, the more entries you get for each activity logged. (up to 7 additional entries per logged activity, per day ( i.e. log 5 meals in 1 day and get 35 entries)

  4. As an Ithaca Pilates Room Krew Member, you also get exclusive access to our in-house Challenges. Some Challenges are free while others, with bigger pots, have a small registration fee attached. Be sure to opt-in to participate in Ithaca Pilates Room Krew Challenges on the Krowdfit web site to improve your odds of winning.

  5. Members can win cash prizes for both the general Krowdfit giveaways and the Ithaca Pilates Room Krew Challenges. 

  6. Participants can win more than once, just not back to back.

  7. To participate, members must have a wearable fitness tracker (this is how KrowdFit verifies member actions and awards entries. A complete list of compatible trackers can be found on the KrowdFit web site (FitBit, Garman, Apple watch......)

  8. Opt-in to participate in Ithaca Pilates Room Krew Challenges on the Krowdfit web site for even better odds of winning.


(Pilates Room Krew Members are automatically entered into this pool)

  • Weekly $125 for Meal Entry (5 winners)

  • Bi-weekly $50 for Mindfulness (6 winners)

  • Monthly $250 for Sleep 6hrs+ (8 winners)

  • Quarterly $2500 for Steps (2 winners)

  • Quarterly $5000 for Activity/Exercise (4 winners)

(Ithaca Pilates Room Krew Members must opt-in to this "Healthy Through the Holidays" Challenge to be added to the pool)

  • Weekly $50 for Pilates Room Class Participation (1 winner)

  • One Month Unlimited Membership (1 winner)

Current Krowdfit Challenge


Healthy Through The Holidays

The fall & winter holidays are so much fun, but sometimes we find ourselves defining our New Year's resolutions based on un-doing the consequences of too much fun in the previous months. Let us help motivate you to stay on track this holiday season. Join The Pilates Room's FREE, "Healthy Holiday Challenge" and win $100 just for getting at least 2.5 hours of exercise per week (that's 3 classes /wk) through the month of Dec  

Dates: Dec 1, 2020 - Dec 31, 2020

Tracking: Activity/Exercise

Goal: 620 Minutesof Exercise (approximately 2.5hrs/wk)

# of Possible Winners:

(4) $100 winners + (1) One Month Unliited MEmbership


This challenge is defined by participants who meet the goal before the challenge ends. This challenge begins on December 1, 2020, and ends on December 31, 2020. The 3 winners are randomly selected from all participants who achieve greater than 620 minutes of exercise during the challenge. 620 minutes of exercise may include any exercise logged on the participant's wearable activity tracker. Limited to Ithaca Pilates Room Krew Members. Any individual may become a member of the Ithaca Pilates Room Krew by becoming a member of The Pilates Room. 1 winner will be drawn locally at The Pilates Room.